"The world is either beautiful or ugly depending on who views it." Kai.

Week 1: Contorted Bodies

This imange is simalure to one of my other images of this week but i                                      showed a side on image then i front on view so you can see there is only one arm.
                                                  The photographer that inspired me with this image was Joel Peter Witkin.
                                             The image that inspired me was CLICK HERE
I tried to make it seem like the subject looked like they had four arms. I                                     shoot this image black and white so that you could not tell that
                                                    there is someone else standing behind the so it looks like the are mutated.
This image was taken with the idea of difomity in mind but it may be                   conciveed that there are two people in
                                            this image because of the bump coming out of the back.
                              The inspiration for this image is CLICK HERE
This imge was inspired by the work of Bill Durgin. I think this image shows                          difomity by making the illution of someone being too skinny.
             This image was inspired by CLICK HERE

I tried to make it seem like the subject has no arms                                                                 to exspress the view of defomity. Teh other artist that
                                                   helped inspired me was Jole Peter Witkin.
                                                              The image of his that inspired me for this image was CLICK HERE