"The world is either beautiful or ugly depending on who views it." Kai.

Week 4: HDR

Concept: my concept for week four is HDR images. I like to shoot this week in HDR because i like the cartoony, overelaberate contrast in the image as if it wasd taken right out of a graphic novile. I Personly like the HDR images that revolve around land scapes (mostly because i like the texture in the clourds and sky) and city scapes because of the light in the difrent gbiuldings. But there is a lot of HDR images that i dont like and that evolves around interias.

Image 1:

This image was taken as a exsperiment of HDR. i was in spired to take this image by this HDR image. (click here). This inspriation was mainly with the cartoony aspect towards the car and the sky. This image is mainly drown in by the gold car on camra left, and by the red ca on camra right. Whitch draws your eye in to the middle then it is captured by the dramatic clords in the sky and the dark coulour in the sky.

Image 1:

This image was origanly a one frame digital image, then i ajusted the image in to a HDR image using photoshop CS4. I ejusted the exposure of the image 2 times under exsposed and 2 times over exsposed. Then i merged the in to HDR using photoshops HDR merge and fimaly i agusted the image exposure contrast giving me my final image. I was inspired to chane this image to HDR by ( CLICK HERE ). I was manly consentrating on geting the sea and shk. Parts of this image has worked out well, but i am thinking of re-shooting this image.