"The world is either beautiful or ugly depending on who views it." Kai.

Week 3: At The Sea

Concept: How nature and man can coencist together because nature always win in the end. I am going to take pictures of difrent shapes in nature of old and tunnels. but i may add in a few modern fetures that are still used. I shoot these pictures down at Perinporth beach in the old tunnels in the clifs. I started off by photographing the land scape of the beach so i could get an idea of my souroundings and settings.

Image 1:
This image was taken during the rain and wind on Perringporth rock.  The comprosition of this image is intresting because of the way the clif seems like it has been copyed and repeated behind it's self twice. the way the waves are white and crashing up against the clifs show how it was a windy and story day. The camra angle gives the feeling of a dramatic set and dargerus scean.

Image 2:

Image 3:

image 4.
image 5.