"The world is either beautiful or ugly depending on who views it." Kai.

Week 2: Macro Shoots

My main ideas for week 2 are to use macro shoots to show how people can miss the smaller things in life. for this week i have taken a varity of shoots conciding of difrent items. i have shoot a few hand made objects to show the deatal people put in to there carft work. And some shoots from nature to show how even nature is deatalied and compucated.

Image 1:

I chose to shoot this image to show the nature of humans and how we make the tineist deatalis in to the most compucated objects to not just show our own skill but the complectity of the entire wourld around us and what we take for granted each and every day. But eathen tho we trie to make sutch tiney perfection the close you look at it you can see all the bumps and cuts from the difrent tools, showing that this was made by hand because no human can cut in a compulcated desing and have the outcome as a perfet carving or imprestion.

Image "

I found this plant hight up on the cliffs in a man made Tunnels in Prranporth, where there where no other plants around. I decided to capture this plant in a image to show that even in the strangest of placese you can always find a bit of nature and life, strugiling by its self but there is always hope in the sercluded of places.

Image 3:

I found this dead fish woshed up on the shore of Prranporth beatch. i was intending to take a photo of a birds skull and spine i found a couple of days before, but the tide washed it away.  i like the deatail in the fins and tail on the fish how you can see every dip and grove. In decided to take this photo to show how the most people would just have walked by the fish and left it along. Yo show how people chose the ignore the things they dont like to see like death and how fragil life actuly is.

Image 4:

I found this again in Prranporth beatch up in the tunnels. I decided to take this image because the nails in the arch way to the tunnels are old and rusted to show how long the tunnels have been there for, there may have been a door there but there is hardly any evidence of that now. This image show how places can change ver time without us even noticing.